Are you struggling to find the best business idea to start in Kenya?

Do you struggle to know which idea is best for you?

Or how to start your business while still working your full-time job?

If what you really want is to start a business, but you are finding it hard to settle on an idea, then follow through for the solution.

Any business plan you have is great and has the potential to grow over time., this year and beyond. You do not need money to come up with a solid business suggestion. All you need is to consult with us and we’ll help you develop your business idea, analyze the market, and any potential challenges you may face.

How do you know if you have a small business idea that can work?

At Small Business Experts, we focus on providing tried-and-tested solutions and training entrepreneurs like you. Perhaps you implemented your wonderful idea and the business failed. Or you are not sure your small business ideas might become profitable.

Do not worry!

We offer a business start-up class to help new entrepreneurs with their journey. You come with your untapped and unique idea and we support you through the whole process because we want to see you succeed.

We also help you in gauging the viability of your business idea. You are worried if the idea is profitable enough to move from small scale to large scale. Perhaps you are confused about the location of your business. Will it be in rural areas or in towns like Nairobi, Nakuru, or Kisumu?

Maybe capital is your issue. You have 5K, 10K, 50K, or 100K you want to venture into business with but you are not sure which business to invest in. You cannot make a decision on the business you want to invest your 50K into.

Do not give up on your idea yet or make a decision before consulting with us.

What do you benefit from engaging Small Business Experts:

  1. You pick out the most profitable business ideas from your list or our list
  2. You understand your strengths and skillset and how to use them to start a successful business
  3. Get to watch your business plan come to life
  4. Coming up with a great business name that speaks for itself
  5. Learn to listen to people for their needs, wants, and frustrations and turn that into a simple business
  6. Learn from your competitors and use the findings to your advantage. What are they not doing? What are they doing right?
  7. Understand the industry and market trends and ideas.

There are many business idea opportunities to choose from. The only limitation is yourself. Allow yourself to explore the many options available and settle for the best business idea.

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