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Are you thinking of leaving employment? Just before you make that final decision, allow me to give you some piece of advice that will guide you in making that decision.

The path ahead may not be as rosy as you imagined.

Whilst you desire to pursue your dreams, goals, and ambitions, and I recommend that you do, it is vitally important to evaluate your preparedness. Whether it is a hostile work environment, lack of opportunities for growth, or even work-life balance, whatever your reason is for leaving employment, good judgment and discretion is indispensable.

Do you have a plan?

I once left employment because I wanted to pursue my dreams only to get a rude shock. Whatever I had wanted to pursue did not work out because I hadn’t planned thoroughly. I don’t want you to have that ugly experience. If your reason for exiting employment is to pursue your personal ambitions, you had better plan.

Actually, depending on your ambitions, you may not have to quit employment to fulfill your dreams.  Find a way to pursue your dreams while still in employment and gradually work towards exiting. It is possible.

Are you developing yourself?

Personal development is an area you need to be keen on while transitioning from employment to self-employment. As a matter of fact, self-improvement is necessary. Are you thinking of starting a consultancy business or any other business? Skills such as effective customer service skills, personal branding skills, and effective communication skills are just a few of the essential skills that will differentiate you from other market players and enable you to be more effective. To help you with this, explore a variety of our professional soft skills training here under short courses and be well equipped for your transition.

How would you describe someone who goes to a bank to withdraw money yet has no bank account there? It’s crazy. Right? So why would you think it wise to leave employment without adequate savings? How long can your savings take you without another channel of income? Leaving employment requires strategic planning.

In business, when making key decisions, timing is very important and so is it before leaving employment. There are a lot of factors that determine the right time to make the move, for instance, family, current market status, terms of the contract as so on. Without careful consideration of timing, you are likely to fail. My advice is that you take your time to evaluate all factors concerned.

Thank you for taking the time to read and evaluate your intentions. Being your own boss is an amazing experience but I strongly recommend that you gradually work towards the dream before you exit employment or if for other reasons, ensure you are well prepared lest you regret.