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The most common question among business owners that I get to interact with is, “How do I bring more customers  and grow my business?” I am sure that this is something that worries you too especially if you are just starting out in the entrepreneurial world. Due to technology, there are so many tools and resources that help you connect with customers but they can be overwhelming.

Knowing your customers allows you to understand what they love and what their needs are. Once you are able to meet their needs then your business grows.

So how do you make a killer connection with your customers without appearing salesy or too desperate?

  1. Keep Your Customers In Loop

You may have a promotion, a new product release, or new information on your website and it is vital that you let your customers know. Keeping them in the loop of the happenings within your company allows them to see how you are adding value to their lives.

Also, involve feedback under this step. Let customers know that you care about them and ask them to communicate any more products or services they may need and think you should offer.

  1. Have Excellent Customer Service

Statistics have proven that 80% of customers bail out on a business because of poor customer service. In this age of social media, poor customer service will hurt your business because people will always talk and bad talk will always go viral.

Ensure good customer service through timely replies on emails and social channels whenever there is an inquiry or concern regarding your company.

Customers are more inclined to love businesses that respond ASAP. Not the normal 24 hours or within a day. Why do I encourage this? Imagine you own an online bookstore and someone wanted to reserve a book you had shared on Instagram. When you do not reply soon, the customer will seek another bookstore and get the book they need and become a regular customer for your competitor.

  1. Reward Your Customers.

It is very expensive to get new customers especially if you have to invest money in online and offline marketing. However, it is cheaper to make your current customers repeat customers. This is because they have already trusted your product or service and have seen the value.

You can reward your customers by offering a free trial on a new product you want to launch. If you offer consultancy services you can offer your service free for your 20 customers who spend the most money on your service. Another good example would be the loyalty card given by local supermarkets such as Naivas and Quickmart.

Free trials are good for reviews to make improvements where needed and testimonials. However, be very careful not to give out too many freebies that you start incurring debts to stay afloat.

Rewarding your customers acts as a reminder of the value that your product or service offers and later converts them to paying customers.

  1. Exceed Expectations

You’ve heard of the phrase under promise and over deliver. I once had a conversation with a friend who told me that if you ever meet a person who can’t stop bragging about how good they are at their job; they are bad at it.  True to his word, I later experienced this with employees and on a personal level with my mechanic.

The same rule applies to customers. They are human beings and when you paint a picture of heaven then deliver something ordinary, it will turn them away. Customers will always expect a good product or service when they spend their money.

When you impress them, they come back and refer someone else to your company. You did not start a business just to see it fail.

  1. Cement The Relationship With Your Customers

You can connect with your customers online and offline. For online connections use social media and your website. Create conversations online and interact with your customers. Instagram stories offer a perfect platform for such conversations. On your website ensure that your articles are engaging and offer value.

Offline connections on the other hand involve face-to-face conversations. This can be done through ways such as hosting a webinar, attending a networking event, holding a workshop or class, and setting up a booth at a flea market.

Connecting with customers may feel like a lot of work but once they put a face to the product it is easier to buy the product and refer a friend. While connecting, also ensure that you give invaluable advice to your customers. It helps to show that you are an expert in your field.

In conclusion:

Your product or service is amazing but having customers spend money on it is the hard part. As a business owner, the above tips will ensure that you keep your current customers and gain new ones with every sale. Simply remember to be consistent with how you handle your customers.

Is there a tactic that you have used that is different from the ones I have mentioned above? Engage me in the comments section.