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You have already launched your consultancy firm but you are worried that you cannot get enough clients. Different months will bring in different amounts profits but what do you to ensure that all months are fully booked with clients?

How do you increase your customer base from 5 to 15 and have those customers also remain loyal? I have also struggled in my consulting business and here are simple insights to help you get booked by customers.

Step 1: Know Your Business Well

You already have the demographics of your customers but how well do you understand your trade? A thorough understanding of your industry and service or product is important. For instance, you cannot be an IT Consultant yet you cannot answer a question about software.

If customers see that you know your stuff well, they will want your help. Be knowledgeable about your specific industry and product. Provide value and set yourself up as the only solution to their problems.

Step 2: Focus On The Solutions

What do the customers benefit from your product or service? If you are offering payroll services for your HR consultancy then a stress-free end month is a benefit to your customers.

Focus on the benefits of your solutions and you are talking in the language of your customer. The more the benefits, the more the clients for your firm.

Step 3: Practice Your Selling Skills

This is a hard one for those who fear talking to strangers but it is necessary. Have you ever wondered why some graphic designers are over-booked while some close shop? It is because the successful entrepreneurs are able to sell their service.

Market yourself as a consultant. Do not be afraid to make those calls, send that email or ask for a referral from a satisfied client.

Step 4: Know the Decision Maker

You cannot sell your services to the security guard at the gate and expect them to make a decision for the company and buy your product or services.

The decision maker knows their current problems, how much it is costing them, and what they need. They also know what their solution should look like and they can easily assess if your consultancy firm will offer the solution.

Step 5: Form A Strong Network

Strong network is diverse and deep. Your connections should not be mutual but they should have the same goal; an interest in your services or products. To create a strong network, you will have to add a new connection. Take time and research and prepare for this session. You only make a first impression once.

You will feel anxious, which is normal but once there is a mutual connection between the two of you then the deal is set. You are an expert who brings value and if someone agrees to meet you, they have seen value in you. Expand your network a connection at a time and remember to always be yourself.

As an entrepreneur, when you start your business, most of the work will be done on your own. You will set your own hours and goals but it will be your key responsibility to keep the business growing. The above steps will form a base of getting a lot of clients.