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Are you a lawyer, engineer, HR, accountant, architect, business development or IT professional who is highly skilled?

Do you want to turn your many years of experience and talent into a business?

Service or consulting business is one of the easiest and profitable business to start and run.

Why? Because the business is you!

There are thousands of clients out there ready to pay for your skills. Think about it, you have been consulting for friends and family through ‘free advice’ or realized many people come to you for ‘help’.

What if you learn how to package this as a business?

When starting a service or consulting business you don’t have to put a lot of infrastructure. You don’t have to start with an office, employees and other things that businesses need. With a company profile, business cards and knowing how to get your clients you can be a consultant today.

Getting your first client can also be easy if you know what you are doing. For example, you can start with one client from a networking event or even a family member. That way, you are able to grow your consultancy business one day at a time.

Unfortunately, most skilled professional’s i.e. lawyers, engineers, accountants, architects, HR professionals etc are not good at marketing.

And that is where I was 10 years back when I set up my own consultancy firm. While I was a skilled professional I didn’t know how to market my service.

The hardest part of running a consultancy or service business is learning how to market it and get new clients. Of course, you have to offer value for money, and be good at what you offer. But many times, a consultancy or service business fails not because it’s not good at what they do, but because it’s poor at marketing.

Are you looking to start or grow your consulting or service business?

Thinking of starting your own consulting or service business? Learn what it takes to become a highly paid consultant or service provider.

Join us for the 7 days, once a week, consulting success course and learn how to start your consultancy business, land more clients, increase your fees and win more proposals.

This unique course is for you if you want:

  1. To become your own boss by having your own business.
  2. Want to make more money from the skills you already have, either full time or part-time.
  3. Start a consulting or service business and don’t have any experience
  4. You want to have a flexible schedule. You can control your time, when and how to work.
  5. You are in a consultancy or service business and want to know how to market and get consistent clients.

Join Us and Learn How To Succeed In The Consultancy & Service Business.

During the 7-week consulting success program, you will learn:

  • The foundation of a successful consultancy or service business. I will share from my own experience of consulting with organizations for over 10 years and from interacting with hundreds of consultants.
  • How to identify your ideal client who is willing to pay for your expertise (and how to go about selling them without being salesy)
  • How to price and package your services. You will learn how to set up your fees. We will explore different approaches and what will work best for your type of business.
  • Building Your Marketing System that puts you in front of more of your clients. You’ll understand why people say “consulting is a marketing business”. We shall help you develop your marketing message and material be it a website, company profile, proposals and business cards so that clients are attracted to you
  • How to find new customers – new customers and more sales are essential for profit and growth. We will share a little known yet extremely effective ten-step formula to locate and find new customers. This same formula helped one client of ours to increase his customer base by 46% last year.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have an approach that elite consultants use to set up a successful consulting business.

By following this process, you will be able to start your own service or consultancy business and succeed.

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Apply to the consulting success program by filling out your details below. Our business advisor will call you to have a better understanding of your needs as they also share more details about the course. I look forward to seeing you at the next training.


I have been working for an audit firm for seven years and every now and then I receive requests to ‘check’ other peoples books of accounts. Mostly, it’s from friends and relatives. While I didn’t mind doing this as a one-off, I realized that the people who I checked their books kept coming back for more but they were not paying. That’s when I realized that I have something special to offer and If I packaged it well I could do some business. I decided to go online and research how to charge for your consulting service and that’s how I discovered Edge Small Business Experts. Attending their training has helped me package what I am offering to my audit and accounting clients and most importantly how to charge for my service. I now have 6 clients who pay between K’sh 17,500 to K’sh 45,500 for my accounting services. I am planning to quit employment when I get to 15 clients which should be in the next one year. I am grateful for the far I’ve come.

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