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How well do you know your customers?

Do you think your customers trust your products or services?

Are you having trouble expanding your customer base in your small business?

Are you looking for ways to outsmart your competitors?

Before we dive deeper, let’s talk about marathons. To win one, you need an awesome strategy that considers your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Marketing is a marathon for you and your competitors. You may be in business long or just starting out, but without the right marketing strategy your business is bound to bite the dust. Or at least take you a long time to break even and finally make substantial profits.

But this is easier said than done. Why?

Importance Of Marketing Your Business

Before I grasped marketing concepts and how I could apply them to my company, I was struggling. For the first few years, I struggled to stay afloat, struggled to charge the right amount, and even struggled to target the right market.

I was barely earning anything.

I have been marketing my business for over eight years which has given me substantial time to study the Kenyan market. One thing I am certain about; those who know how marketing really works make the money. No exception.

I am not talking about a few hundred, or a few thousand here and there.

I am talking about multiplying your income many times over and making creating levels of success unimaginable in this tough economy.

But the bottom line is this:

When you know marketing, you can control the profits, income, and wealth you create for yourself.

When you don’t know marketing, you are likely to find yourself in the starve, survive and thrive cycle. This means that you are constantly wondering where your next client will come from, or you are barely making ends meet, or you are so swamped with work you don’t have time to look for clients.

The problem is, you have marketing all wrong.

Why You Need A Marketing Class

There are so many marketing strategies that emerge daily from wannabes or people ‘who tried it once and it worked’. It is easy to get lost in these strategies and waste your time because you do not understand the core principles of marketing and the persuasion that drives it.

What you don’t know is that the marketing medium may change from TV ads to search engines and social media but the essence of marketing remains the same.

The principles that drive consumer buying behavior and what causes your customers to pay attention to you has not changed.

Who Needs To Attend Marketing & Attracting Clients Training

In the Marketing Master Plan: How to Market &Attract Clients for Your Service Business, you will learn how specific words, images, and persuasion techniques grab the attention of buyers and drives them to make a buying decision no matter which medium of advertising you use.

This training is for you if:

  1. You are tired of struggling with a growing business that does not seem to give you any returns
  2. Your marketing efforts, online and offline, are not working
  3. Your business moves in a cycle from starvation to surviving and thriving then back to starvation – you’re simply surviving instead of making money
  4. You are unable to tap into clients who will pay you what you deserve
  5. You can’t figure out exactly where you are going wrong in your marketing efforts

What You’ll Learn

The Marketing Master Plan: How to Market & Attract Ideal clients for Your Service Business course will cover:

  1. Marketing principles and how you can utilize them in your service business
  2. The power of persuasion and how to use copywriting to your business advantage
  3. How to craft effective marketing strategies; covers branding, naming, sales, lead generation, lead qualification, converting leads to sales and more.
  4. The psychology of marketing and the principles that surround buyer behavior
  5. Competition and how to be confident in your ability and outsmart your competitors
  6. How to stay motivated and kill the stave, survive and thrive cycle once and for all
  7. Customer segmentation, understanding your customer and identifying customers willing to pay for your services without struggle
  8. How to scale your business and expand in the tightening economy

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