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have Are you a business owner?

Do you find yourself with more month at the end of the money?

Do you find yourself stressing on where to get employee salaries?

Is stocking your business becoming a frustrating task?

You are not alone. Cash flow management is a skill many business people have not mastered. In fact, it is one of the most frustrating yet essential skills to master in managing any business. Without the required cash flow, your business operation will be frustrating as you try to juggle between inventory, salaries, marketing, growing your business, and making profits.

When I started my business, I was at the exact same spot you are today. Back then, I used to pay my one employee Ksh 4,500, but every end month, I never had his salary. I would start running helter-skelter, sometimes borrow from a friend to pay the salary and continue the cycle.

Things did not change when I hired more employees. The only difference was the level of stress I needed to manage to keep the business operations flowing. End months were a nightmare. From salaries to rent and utility bills, I was overwhelmed, and I needed to find a solution.

I knew my business could sustain the employees I had, pay the bills and give me a profit, but for some reason, money was always short. This is a hard situation to be in.

Like you, I needed to find a lasting solution. I thought getting more clients would solve the problem, but that did not help, cash flow was still an issue.

Things changed for me when I met one of my clients who was also in business. They had been in business for a while longer than I, and for whatever reason, they took an interest in me. As we talked, it was evident my problem was cash flow management, investing wisely, and growing my assets.

That day, I ended up becoming their client. After several consultations, I was able to look at my cash flow in perspective and identify ‘money vampires’ that were sucking my business dry without my knowledge.

Benefits Of Managing Your Cash Flow

When it comes to your growing business, cash is king. I have learned that I needed to balance the time between paying my utility bills, employees, and the time I collect from my clients. I learned how to delay outlays of cash as much as possible while encouraging everyone who owes me to pay as quickly as possible.

I learned how to prepare a cash flow projection, which alerted me when trouble was looming. This gave me the information I needed to put out the financial fires before they could smoke. I was at peace; my business was running smoothly, and I even had time to think about creating more products and services that my target market would be interested in.

With time, I mastered the art of turning my services into products, inventory into receivables, and the receivables into cash. I learned how to watch expenses, minimize expenditure while increasing sales. This kept my sales up and my costs low and I no longer needed to survive shortfalls.

Who Needs The Cash Flow Management Training?

If you are in the same position I was at the beginning; this course is made with you in mind. If you need to:

  1. Have more money at the end of the month
  2. Learn how to manage your expenses and reduce shortfalls
  3. Keep your costs low and your sales increasing
  4. Invest wisely and grow your business assets

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to measure your business cash flow
  2. Different ways to improve your receivables
  3. Managing payables without lulled into expanding sales
  4. Proven strategies of surviving shortfalls and maintaining a cash reserve
  5. How to determine your break-even point
  6. Methods of investing wisely and grow your assets
  7. How to assess your business performance and make projections

Ideally, your business should earn more than it needs to operate. Taking this class will give you the necessary skills you need to organize your cash flow, reduce prolonged gaps between cash inflows and outflows, and project the cash flow expected in future to enable you to plan better.

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To join the next class, fill out the form provided, and one of our cash flow management advisors will get in touch with you. You receive details on when the upcoming training will begin as well as your investment.

If you are still on the fence, have a look at what other business owners say about our class.

My business was always bringing in the money but for some reason it was never enough to pay salaries and suppliers and still sustain me for the next month. My expenses were high and I never had a cash reserve for when business was low. I was frustrated and decided to sign up for this Cash Flow Management class. All I can say is that I am a happy man. I have reduced my debts and I am on top of my payments and I can easily anticipate financial problems before they happen. My sales have also increased.

John – Online Store Owner

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