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Are you thinking of starting and building an investment portfolio?

Do you find it difficult to get information that will guide you on the A to Z of how and where to invest your money?

Are you confused by the many investment options available?

There are three steps to money that most people do not know:

  1. Earning money
  2. Using money
  3. Growing money

Like a lot of people, you know how to earn money; you go to work, offer your services, and get paid. Easy. You also know how to use money. This is not a problem for anybody. Pay bills, a little pleasure, help a few people, and so on.

Hard Lessons On Growing Your Money

The elephant in the room is when you have to grow your money. If you do not know how to invest, the logical thing to do is watch others invest.

My friend was eager to invest his money in a venture he was sure would make him a lot of money. The kind of money that makes you forget poverty and live the life you have always desired.

He wanted to invest in shares. He had heard from a friend who was a truck driver that a company was going to sell stocks. His friend told him how the company was stable, government-owned, and what a kill he would make.

My friend was excited. He borrowed a million shillings from his bank and invested it in the said company. Then all hell broke loose. Instead of the shares shooting up, they dwindled by the day and stabilized at Ksh 3. He had bought the stock at Ksh 10. That’s a loss of Ksh 7 per share, and he owed the bank over one million shillings.

I learned my first investment lesson that day. Do not ask a tailor for gold mining advice. Ask them about tailoring.

I have learned a few investment tricks over the years, and I know that my friend was not wrong to have chosen shares for his investment portfolio. It’s true that the shares he bought were not stable, and he has since learned what to look out for before he invests. In fact, he has recovered the one million he lost many times over.

How To Grow Your Money

Growing your money is about the kind of portfolio you want to choose and your appetite for risk. Some people would prefer to keep things safe and secure while others prefer to take a huge risk and withdraw after making profits.

However, you want to take it; you can still grow your money.

It is challenging to choose between shares, government bonds, starting a business, and money market fund. Walking into an investment without a clear understanding is taking a huge risk. Without the right strategies and knowledge, you will surely burn your fingers.

When I started investing my money, I made a few mistakes of my own. For example, in the beginning, I was not very financially stable, so the few extra coins in my pocket excited me. I could afford some of the luxuries my friends indulged in, and it was great.

When I had a meeting with my friend, the one who lost one million shillings to a lousy stock, he listened to me for a while as I told him of the excellent investment I had made and how it was giving me a good return. But he asked me one question that made me think long and hard.

“Is it better to eat your children and keep ploughing your land, or allowing them to bear you kids, so you have a team ploughing the land for you?”

What he meant is that I was eating the children of my investment, and because of that, I could not grow my portfolio. If I allowed my investment children to bear me grandchildren, I would be able to enjoy the luxuries longer.

Everyone must start somewhere, but if you don’t know the rules that govern investment, you will either lose everything or take a long time to grow your money.

Lucky for you, I have made enough investment mistakes to know what to avoid and how to navigate the murky waters and smile to the bank. And, I am willing to teach you everything I know in the Grow Your Wealth masterclass.

Why You Need The Grow Your Wealth Masterclass

In this class, you will learn:

  1. The different types of investments
  2. Money principles that govern investment and growth of wealth
  3. Mistakes you should avoid
  4. How to select long-term and short-term investment options
  5. Tactics for spreading risk in your investment portfolio
  6. How to manage your investment portfolio and how to choose a trustworthy broker
  7. Different ways to move from debt to investment

This course is for everyone, no matter your income level. You can start investing from any poin.

If you want to start investing and growing your money, fill out the form below, and one of our investment managers will call you and understand your needs as they give you an in-depth explanation of what you should expect in the class.

I joined this class after losing Ksh. 500, 000 in a pyramid scheme. I was worried this class would be the same as those in the market. This course proved me wrong. I chose to invest in government bonds and so far, I am enjoying the extra money. I can also identify fishy brokers from far and this ensures I do not invest my money in shady deals. Once my returns increase I plan to venture into shares. Thank You Perminus for the advice and sharing the truth.

Josephine Luvanda, Nairobi business woman

Investing in the Grow Your Wealth master class shields you from losing your investment, and shows you the path you need to follow to invest wisely and grow your personal assets.