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Easy Business to Start in Kenya

Starting a business does not have to be complicated if you have the right skill set to keep the ball rolling. If you are looking for an easy business to start, we have prepared a list of seven highly profitable business that can quickly scale in profits.

  1. Tutoring services

Contrary to popular beliefs, students are not the only ones who need specialized training. There are professionals and business owners who need to learn basic accounting, marketing, understand business law, and so much more. If you have any of these specialized skills, this could be an easy business to start.

  1. Fast Food

Fast foods make our cities run because the food is tasty and affordable. Look for a strategic place for your fast food restaurant. The numbers will determine how much profit you make at the end of the day, so make sure your location is in a highly populated area. While acquiring business licenses, be sure to get health permits since restaurants are regulated by the health board as well.

  1. Soap making

It is no longer rock science to make soaps, and the art has opened up an easy business to start. Brand your soap making business and start marketing your soap to your friends, family, online, and grow your network. This business is highly populated, but with the right strategy, and branding, you can easily create a household name for yourself.

  1. Freelance writing

Learning how to craft and coin words can be learned quickly by anyone with a college education. If you are looking for an easy business to start, then this could be a good playing ground for you if you love words. All you need is a fast internet, training to understand web content and a client. As your skills sharpen, you can open your freelance writing agency where you hire freelance writers to take the overflow work for a fraction of your pay.

  1. Pest Control Business

Pests control services refer to eliminating insects, pests, or animals that are unwanted around the homes and institutions. Make sure you have the necessary equipment and the knowledge of the insecticides and poisons you will be handling. While the execution of this business is not complicated, you need to be highly capable of dealing with the fumes and pest you will be eradicating lest you do a lousy job and earn a horrible review.

  1. Gardening and Landscaping

Do you have an eye for landscape designs? You should consider this easy business to start. Gardening and landscaping are catching up in the country with people appreciating the value of a well-crafted home compound. Institutions also value well-crafted areas and regularly hire landscaping experts to design their outdoor spaces. Experts in marketing without landscaping knowledge can also take on this business. You must, however, you have on board a professional who can help you navigate the design.

  1. Consultancy business

Business consultants are I high demand today than they were a few decades ago. As business consultant gives a company a perspective on how they can make their processes more efficient to save cost, deliver quality services, and increase their profits. An accountant can offer audit services to small and medium-sized companies, while a human resource can advise small companies on how to deal with their employees and increase productivity.

In the real sense, there is no easy business to start, especially if you are not equipped with business skills that will help you in your daily operations. You must also harness marketing skills, people skills, keep proper books of accounts and inventory as well as know how to pitch your services if you will be operating on a B2B model. Learn these skills and more in our business mastery class.