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Have you felt that your online efforts to get customers are not working?

You have all social media pages but you still aren’t getting the right customers.

Or you are not getting enough repeat customers.

Did you know that you can reach millions of your customers in Kenya while advertising on Google using a very small budget?

You can even advertise on a K’sh 500 budget a day and get customers.

When you learn how to advertise on Google, you will gain valuable skills to set up your own account and therefore no need to hire a digital marketer or an agency to do advertising on your behalf. (Save your money)

What You Will Learn

Learn how to advertise on Google and reach millions of your customers today. This training will equip you with these vital skills:

  1. Proven strategies of targeting your customers when they re searching for your product or service.
  2. How to advertise your product or services on many websites – display advertising.
  3. Advertising and reaching customers who have previously interacted with your website by retargeting them – following them on other websites.
  4. How to target a specific location. i/e how to target customers say in Runda, Kilimani, Mombasa etc. You will learn how to segment your client into location- that way, you don’t waste money targeting locations that don’t have your kind of customers.
  5. Learn the trick on how to reach customers who are using your competitor’s products or services.
  6. Learn what specific keywords your customers are using to search for your product or services
  7. Most importantly, learn how to set the right cost so that you don’t lose money on Google Adwords.
  8. Lastly, discover the secret to ranking high on Google when advertising.

Who Should Attend This Google Ad Training

This training is for

  1. Business owners looking to reach their customers in a cost-effective way.
  2. Digital marketing professionals who want to learn PPC advertising and achieve a positive ROI on their marketing efforts.

Our trainer is a Google AdWords Certified Practitioner. In the last 3 years, he has trained over 589 professionals and small business owners on how to use AdWords (Google Advertising).

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Client Testimonials

Thanks for the two days sessions. It’s been two weeks since I attended the training and I have already started to see positive results. With a budget of K’sh 3,600, I have been able to get business worth K’sh 782,000 for my furniture business. I got two orders for office chairs from a customer who was searching for office seats online. Advertising online works.

Rosemary – Furniture Shop Owner.

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