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Is your business growing?

Do you feel it is time to have a working system?

Do you feel like you do most of the work even when you have employees on the ground?

Are you overwhelmed by employees having to check with you for every small decision in your business?

What you need is a solid business structure. It creates hierarchy for authority and responsibility, so your business runs efficiently and develops new ways to improve employee productivity.

Did you know that the right business structure may be what is standing between you and the growth of your business?

When structures are lacking, you will often find yourself dealing with issues your employees could have handled. Hence, it creates a weak link and exhaustion because you are unable to identify areas that need improvement in your business.

Without a system in place, you will be in constant conflict with employees over job-duty responsibility. Sometimes junior employees will try to become bosses because authority is lacking. Case scenario of your driver confirming your instructions to him through the office admin. Such disrespect, right?

The absence of a business structure will make you go broke. How? Your team lacks the proper guidance to generate revenue; they lack a clear understanding of their goals, therefore, reducing their morale at work.

They are always stressed because they are not sure what they should do and shouldn’t do, which decisions they are allowed to make and which ones they need to consult.

Like most entrepreneurs, I started my business by handling a lot of duties and responsibilities. As the business grew, I had to delegate some of the duties to free up my time to take care of the most fundamental aspects of the company.

Today, my business has grown to over 25 employees in different departments all taking care of the company and strengthening the foundation to keep it firm and secure.

What I learned early in business is if you do not make room for structure, you are leaving room for chaos, and no business can survive amidst the turmoil.

If you are stuck in a chaotic business or foresee the possibility of chaos, it is time to turn things around and create structures.

This course is for you if:

  1. You find yourself handling almost everything in your business despite having able employees
  2. You are in conflict with your employees over work delivery
  3. You want to delegate duties and responsibilities to the right people
  4. Productivity is your business is being affected
  5. Your employees are not clear on what their duties and responsibilities are
  6. You are seeking systems to help your business become more efficient

In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. The type of business structures and which one would best fit your company
  2. How to implement business frameworks without disrupting the daily running of your business
  3. Systems and tools you can use to create efficiency in your business
  4. How to pick the right employees for specific roles in the business
  5. The phases of business system implementation process
  6. How to conduct system analysis and use data to make wise business decisions
  7. Communication channels within the business hierarchy
  8. Problem-solving within your business structure
  9. How to implement a small business compensation structure
  10. Mistakes to avoid during business structure and system setup and implementation

Still not convinced? Hear what other business owners have to say about the class.

“You can achieve the same results if you take this class and implement the strategies, we will teach you. Running a business is not an easy job, but once you have the right structures, you can free up your time, develop your business, pitching investors, and creating efficiency.”

James Mutuku – Manufacturing Business

Ask yourself, if you were to go away for a week or two, would your company run into losses because you were not there to oversee the nitty-gritty?

If this is your current situation, this course is meant for you.

Leave us your details, and a business structure and system implementation specialist will get in touch with you to understand your needs and give you more information on what you should expect during the course.

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